HSCC Test-Of-Time Award

Call for Nominations

HSCC 2020 organizers are soliciting nominations for the HSCC Test-of-Time Award to recognize the work published at a Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC) conference in 2010 or before, which has proven to be the most visionary and impactful, leading to new directions of research being initiated, or new applications being brought into the hybrid systems research community. The award selection is through a committee of three internationally well-known and outstanding scientists who significantly contributed to the hybrid systems field and also to the HSCC organization. Choosing the eventual awardee is at the sole discretion of the selection committee, that will carefully consider the nominated papers.

Deadline for nominating papers for the award: Jan 31, 2020, AoE


The HSCC conference series founded in a meeting in Grenoble after the HART’97 workshop, was a convergence of two trends. On one hand, at the end of the 80s, researchers in formal verification of discrete systems were exploring timed systems represented by additional clock variables, and then started branching into systems with more complex continuous dynamics as in hybrid systems. On the other hand, researchers in control were interested in using such models and verification techniques to analyze control systems that fall outside the traditional control system models, capturing the essence of real implemented control systems. The first hybrid systems workshop took place in Berkeley in 1998.

This award was initiated at the 20th anniversary of HSCC in 2018 to reflect on the papers published at HSCC that have had the most impact on the larger computer science and control theory/practice community.

Previous winners can be found at hscc-conference.org.

Eligibility Rules

Nomination Rules and Procedure:

Nominators cannot nominate papers on which they are a co-author. To nominate a paper, please should send an email to the HSCC 2020 Awards Chair at oishi@unm.edu containing the following pieces of information (approximately 500 words overall):

Selection Committee:

The selection committee for this year's award is composed of the following distinguished members:

Award Details:

The authors of the awarded paper will be notified by the end of February. They will receive a plaque at the CPS Week banquet. There will be a cash prize associated with the award.